About Us

We use a narrative structure that guides our shooting process from beginning to end. With a strong script and dedicated crew, we fuse the flow of video production with the structure of professional filmmaking for an efficient and quick turnaround on a fantastic product.


To use Empathy to inspire positive change


Josh Kennedy - Owner


Though Josh was born in Grants Pass, he has experienced a vast array of location shifts and the accompanying change in culture, from Oregon to LA. The common theme that he found to relate to his many friends along the way has always come through the understanding of film and literature.

Josh's formal education in film taught him the organization skills necessary to efficiently operate large projects, while his experience in independently creating video projects gives him the skills needed to operate quickly to accomplish video production goals. 


With years of experience working with nonprofits and film, josh has effectively and passionately combined the two so that he can ensure that he is not only telling stories, but communicating important thematic elements that apply to every person. his mission is to compel the viewer to join those that are making the world a better place.